Growers Focus Ag Services

Hello and welcome to our site.

Kenton Friesen here, you may know me from my past days selling farm equipment or from my other current role as a licensed Insurance Advisor for Global AG Risk Solutions (since 2017).

Based out of Saskatoon, we offer products and services to Grain Farms that will either Increase or Protect your Farms' bottom line. This is achieved by purchasing quality inputs for less as well as an on-farm review of the following areas.

Cropping intentions

Past yields

Soil sample tests

fixed and variable costs,

as well as commodity market outlooks.

Thus Growers Focus AG Services was formed in Sept 2021.


We handle crop input products that ship directly to your farm from the following companies. Farmers Business Network with a new 200,000sq ft warehouse in Saskatoon.

Our team will help you with the free sign-up and show you how to use the features on our FBN APP such as Satellite imagery, weather, grain marketing, etc. Our goal is to be transparent on price and availability in order to save you money on crop inputs. Also, great financing terms and free freight to farm on orders over $10,000.